Top ten largest Countries by Area in the World

largest countries by areaLargest countries by area have the major value of success upon other nations according to land. There are thousands of planets in the world and earth is one of them in which about 7 Billion humans are living in their own specific lands. Other planets have no living beings because they have no oxygen for humans and other beings. These earth fields were occupied by people in the ancient ages by wars and by other methods. Earth has 510,072,000 kilometer square surface which is then divided into many countries. A list largest countries in the world by land mass is mentioned in the article to know the biggest powers who occupied the most land. 29 percent of the earth is covered by land and other about 71 percent has water like sea and lakes.

Largest continents by area in the world

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Antarctica
  • Europe
  • Australia

There are 7 continents in the world. Asia is the biggest continent having 43,820,000 kilometer square area and 4,164,252,000 populations which is largest among all. It has 29 percent land and 60 percent population of the world. It is also densely populated as compared to others. Largest countries by area and population are mostly from Asia. China is the most populated country. Tokyo is the most populated city of the world situated in Japan. Europe is the richest of the all. Africa is the poorest continent having very poor people. They have very low economy, education, trade, power and modernization. Largest countries in the world by land mass have large resources of agriculture and industry.

Top ten largest Countries by Area in the World

Rank Country Name Million Square km
1  Russia  17.100
2  Canada  9.985
3  China  9.575
4  USA  9.530
5  Brazil  8.516
6  Australia  7.694
7  India  3.167
8  Argentina  2.781
9  Kazakhstan  2.725
10  Algeria  2.382

Q: Which is the largest country by area in the world?

Russia has the first rank in the table of largest countries by area. 143 million people are living in Russia which is very low as we compare to other countries. Russia is 17,098,242 km² land and water which is largest by a country. Russia is also the biggest country of Asia and Europe by area because half of its area is in Asia and half in Europe. It has 9 times zones in the country because it is so large. Russia is sharing borders with 13 countries including China. It is the most rich and powerful country in the world. Moscow is the capital and biggest city of Russian Federation.

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