Top 10 Longest Rivers in the World

longest riversRivers are the blessings of God and a main resource of humans and animals. Longest rivers in the world are the best source of natural water from lakes, oceans or from somewhere else. They are main source of agriculture, fishing and producing energy etc. Transportation remained the main benefit from longest rivers passing through many country. We grow vegetables and crops with the water and caught fish which was the best food in the ancient ages and even now. We can use the river for tourism to the different areas in the country. In ancient times, there were very small ships or boats for travelling in the longest rivers. But in the modern age there are big ships like Titanic. There are many Energy producing plants on rivers to produce electricity. Every country builds a dam to store water and use it as they want. They create an Obstruction in the way of river and create plants of energy for electricity. They also create gates of water flow; they release the water as much they needed. List of list of largest rivers in the world is mentioned in this article.

Largest rivers major civilizations

  • Nile civilization
  • Tigris-Euphrates
  • Yellow river
  • Indus civilization

Bangladesh is full of water canals. They grow rice in water and cultivate other crops. It is the land of water. They have about 800 small and longest rivers passing through Bangladesh. They also create many problems like floods. Floods destroy homes and crops on the land. But these are rich resources, if they control on that and used if properly. They have short energy, so they can build dams and produce energy.

Top 10 Longest Rivers in the World

Rank River Name Length in km
1  Nile  6,653
2  Amazon  6,440
3  Yangtze  6,303
4  Yellow  5,467
5  Parana  4,883
6  Congo  4,702
7  Lena  4,405
8  Mekong  4,351
9  Irtysh  4,250
10  Niger  4,182

Q: Which is the largest river in the world?

Nile is the largest river in the world by area with 6,650 kilometers in the Egypt. Egypt all civilization is around that river. All people in Egypt grow crops and vegetables near the Nile and also caught fish. Nile River is also used for transportation; it is in the deserted place of Egypt. It flows from Mediterranean Sea and passing through 9 different countries from Egypt to Tanzania.

longest rivers in the world

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