Top 10 highest Buildings in the World

highest building in the worldIn modern age, countries are constructing the highest buildings. They want to touch the clouds in that human race. All the countries wanted to show their powers by constructing wonders on earth which can shook the people. This race will never end. Rich countries are going to the peak and showing modern developments. 40 Wall Street building was the highest building in 1930 situated in USA. After that other countries came into race build many tallest building in the world. Now that 40 wall street building is ranked on the 125th position. Arab Countries have the title of tallest skyscraper in the world, but China and USA have much quantity of large buildings. And they are constructing the new building for the future race. Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia is the planned world tallest building in the world. It is not completely constructed till now. It will have 167 floors but it will be completed in 2019. It also known as Kingdom tower and Burj Al Mamlakah. Its height is 1,008 meters. It is approved for construction in Jeddah. List of highest buildings in the world is mentioned is the table.

Tallest skyscraper in the world under construction

  • Jeddah Tower (1,008 m)
  • Suzhou Zhongnan Center (729 m)
  • KL118 (644 m)
  • Wuhan Greenland Center (636 m)
  • Baoneng Shenyang Global Financial Center (565 m)

Jeddah is the city of Saudi Arab. Jeddah Tower is super tall skyscraper. The starting budget of that building is $1.23 billion. Its use will be mixed for office, hotel, residential and retail. Its construction was started from April 2013 and will be completed in 2019. It has 167 floors and 69 lifts. When it will be completed it will be one of highest buildings. The owner of that building is Saudi Arabian prince AlWaleed. AlWaleed is the Chairman of Kingdom Holding Company. Now that company is building that Tower. The design is created by American designer Adrian Smith. Jeddah is near the red ocean of Saudi Arabia where the Tower is located, which will be more attractive to visit, the tower and red sea. It is desert area.

Top 10 highest Buildings in the World

Rank Building Name Country Name Height in Meters
1  Burj Khalifa  United Arab Emirates  828
2  Shanghai Tower  China  632
3  Abraj Al Bait  Saudi Arabia  601
4  Ping An Finance Centre  China  599
5  Goldin Finance 117  China  596
6  Lotte World Tower  South Korea  555
7  One World Trade Center  United States of America  541
8  CTF Finance Centre  China  530
9  Taipei 101  Taiwan  509
10  Shanghai World Financial  Center  China  492

Q: Which is the highest building in the world?

Burj Khalifa in United Arab Emirates currently has the 1st rank in the list of tallest skyscraper in the world. It has 163 floors. Emaar Properties are the owner of that building who had started the construction in 2004 and completed in 2010. It cost 1.5 billion USD to construct. But Arab Families are the richest among the world to construct such highest buildings in the world. It is the mixed use mega structure. People stay here for meetings as it the biggest hotel and offices are also established here.

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