Top 10 Countries with most number of Airports in the World

most number of airports by countryAirport is a specific place for planes to flight and land. Most number of airports in a nation have fastest access to destinations. Planes can be helicopter, war aircraft or airbus. These are used for travelling to different places in the country or all over the world. It is the fastest way to travel here and there in some hours with no difficulty. Safety is the most important factor which air travelling companies provide to their passengers. Runway is a specific place for plane to run to flight and land. Each airport must have at least one runway. Most number of airports country holders have many runways on single location to cover large population. Airfield have many buildings of control towers to manage the flights. Passengers are welcomed warmly to promote their country visitors. Air craft carries in the oceans are the advanced technology airways usually used during war times. Airfields are also used for trade and business of different things. But planes have limited weight caring machines. Sea ships are mostly used to trade heavy materials in the globe.

Best Airports in the World

  • Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • Beijing Capital International
  • Heathrow Airport
  • Singapore Changi
  • Incheon International
  • Munich Airport
  • Haneda Airport

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the world biggest airport according to flights, airways and airplanes situated in Georgia, USA. It is also the world’s busiest airport, as about yearly 90,000,000 people travel through that. It is used as publically. It announces most flights as compare to others. Most of them flights are traveled in USA own area but there are other thousands of flights send and received from other countries. Hartsfield was made in 1925 as an airport. Beijing Capital International and London Heathrow Airport are also one of major for travelling in the world. A list of total number of airports by country is developed by website given below.

Top 10 Countries with most number of Airports in the World

Rank Country Name No. of Airports
1  USA  14,712
2  Brazil  3,369
3  Russia  2,751
4  Mexico  1,856
5  Canada  1,423
6  Argentina  1,374
7  Bolivia  1,113
8  Colombia  1,068
9  Paraguay  902
10  South Africa  743

Q: Which country has the most number of airports in the world?

United States have the most number of airports in the world about 14,712. Which are too many for a country against others. Brazil and Russia have also much airports but they are very less if we compare them to United States of America. US airports are used for travelling in the world, but there are many military airports. Military airports are opened and used in the emergency times because USA has many enemies. USA is the richest and powerful country, so people from different areas come here to get money and knowledge. They have world best universities, agriculture system and trade.

most number of airports

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